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Sedona Area Cliff Dwellings

Published:2021-06-16 10:36:05

Inhabited by the Sinagua people in 1050 CE, the ruins of buildings in Montezuma Castle National Monument is a 5-floor, 20 room cliff dwelling inhabited by multiple families. Cliff dwellings were built into natural caves of cliffs and accessed by ladders. Next door to Montezuma Castle is a 45-room building, which looked larger than Montezuma Castle. This particular location in the cliff was probably chosen because it faces south, keeping warm in winters and cool in summers.

Snow Canyon SP, Utah

Published:2021-04-22 18:30:03

Also located in the vicinity of St. George is Snow Canyon State Park. Despite its namesake, Snow Canyon State Park seldom receives snow. The park was named after prominent Utah leaders Lorenzo and Erastus Snow.

Red Cliffs NRC, Utah

Published:2021-03-24 16:40:01

Located just outside of the city of St. George, Red Cliffs National Recreation Area, is an easy getaway from Las Vegas. The road in consists of going under a bridge on a single lane road, which warns against use by tall vehicles. We spent two nights camping at Red Cliff NRC.